Clearwater Consulting

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About Clearwater Consulting

Clearwater Consulting is a specialist Employment & Human Resource Consultancy working hand in hand with business owners just like you to create a good working environment with policies, procedures and practices that comply with employment legislation and strengthen productivity, quality and retention of skilled personnel.  

Founded in 2005 by Peter Sidebottom we constantly provide practical solutions to employment/Human Resource problems for our clients.

Although we are based in the North West we operate throughout the whole of Northern Ireland and into Donegal.

Whilst our clients tend to be small to medium sized organisations in the private, voluntary and public sectors we do carry out assignments for larger organisations too.

Our strength as a consultancy is the breadth of our professional knowledge and practical experience in employment matters and Human Resource Management. We have a range of Associate Consultants which enables us to provide the necessary expertise to our clients.

In summary we provide Human Resource consultancy, advisory and operational support services to provide you with the expertise to resolve your people issues, leaving you with the time you need to concentrate on managing your business.