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Advisory and Support Services

Employment law in Northern Ireland is constantly changing with new legislation and case law being introduced and updated on a regular basis.

The consequences of failing to comply with statutory requirements can be very costly for an employer, in terms of defending a case at an Industrial Tribunal let alone the costs involved should an award be made against the employer.

It only needs one Industrial Tribunal case to cause long term damage to a small employer.

Perhaps you have important employment needs but

  • have limited resources to employ a Human Resources Specialist on a full time basis
  • or
  • have a Personnel function requiring external backup with expertise.

Clearwater Consulting can provide you with specialist employment and Human Resource advisory and operational support services to ensure you have the advice and support to resolve your people issues, leaving you with the time you need to concentrate on managing your business.

Our advisory serviceis like having your own Human Resource Specialist at the end of a telephone.

Guidance can be given on how to deal with most employment issues by a short telephone conversation. However if necessary, a meeting may be arranged to discuss complex problems in detail or when a series of minor employment issues have arisen within a short period of time.

The advisory service can be tailored to suit your own particular needs.

Our hands-on operational support service includes providing support with the following personnel needs:

  • Handling poor performing employees
  • Addressing high levels of short term absence
  • Undertaking disciplinary investigations and interviews
  • Managing cases of long term sickness absence
  • Handling complaints of harassment or bullying in the workplace
  • Advising on Employee Rights ( e.g. Maternity/Paternity/Adoption leave, flexible working etc)
  • Drawing up employment documentation for a recruitment exercise
  • Providing psychometric tests to assist with short listing/selection
  • Handling dismissals including redundancies
  • Drafting letters or responses

If you currently have a problem and require specialist H.R. assistance or you would like additional information on our services, please call our office and we will be pleased to help.