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H.R. Health Checks / Audits

Many companies and voluntary/community organisations have managed their HR processes without too much difficulty while they were small.

However, recent research suggests that small employers are disproportionately represented in Unfair Dismissal claims and have a lower success rate in defending claims than larger businesses. This is often because they are more likely to be guilty of procedural failings.

This is not to suggest that things get any easier for an organisation as it becomes bigger.

For example, Industrial Tribunals are required to take into account an employer’s size and administrative resources when considering questions of reasonableness. This means that as an organisation expands and becomes bigger there is a greater onus on the employer to have more detailed HR processes and employment documentation.

Regardless of size, all organisations must comply with legislation.

If you are unsure or concerned whether your HR processes and employment documentation comply with current legislation or you are finding that too much valuable time is being spent reacting to HR situations then your organisation may benefit from an HR audit or health check conducted by an independent person.  

By conducting an HR audit we help you to identify

  • the organisational risks in relation to employment legislation and litigation
  • and
  • gaps or potential problems that are impacting negatively on employee relations

Once these risks and gaps have been identified we will recommend and assist you to put in place practical solutions to:

  • ensure compliance with statutory requirements
  • minimise the organisational risks of litigation
  • promote  better staff engagement and employee relations
  • and
  • reflect best practice.

Ultimately, the main aim of an HR health check is to ensure you have the appropriate HR processes and practices in place which will offer you peace of mind and free you to focus on achieving the main objectives of your business.

Please contact us to find out more about our free “mini” HR health check.